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Design Development
Qatar Design Consortium (QDC) has more than 300 employees and has more than 33 years of experience as Architects, Engineers, Project Managers and Design Consultants, for high quality Building Design & Construction Projects and Interior Fit-out Projects, that meets the business needs and functional requirements of the Clients.
QDC provides Design & Engineering Consultancy and Interior Design Services to Government & Private Bodies and Individual Clients in Qatar and has capabilities to serve the needs of Commercial, Residential, Villa Compounds, Industrial, Institutional, Health, Recreational and infrastructure Projects.
The project and client requirements are more complex in the present market scenario and since we understand the Local Regulations, and the local building permit process requirements very well, we can provide Design Services tailored to meet the Client’s Requirements, in order to maximize utility and economic returns.
We have a large pool of talented and experienced technical staff and associate Specialists who are well aware of international and local design regulations, codes and practices, which is the hallmark of our ability to advise and provide services to our Clients. We operate from our own Offices, utilizing our own resources of latest technological software and hardware. Also in order to serve as Architect of Record for International Consultants, we have our own Video-Conferencing facilities, FTP site and Specialized knowledge and information management software.