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Sustainable Design
At QDC, we have a strong sustainable program in place creating green design solutions thus entailing benefits on various fronts, including:
Environmental: Structures built on the sustainable design model place minimal impact on the environment. This is accomplished through the prudent use of resources and by deploying systems for recycling and renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind energy.
Economic: Sustainability principles integrated early within the design, offer improved life cycle costs as compared to conventional buildings due to reduced maintenance and replacement. Additional cost savings are obtained through the use of recycling systems and renewable energy sources.
Social: The availability of improved air quality and natural light helps boost employee morale and productivity. Reduced strain on resources increases the availability of those resources within the specific eco-systems and geographical regions.
♦  Feasibility Studies for “Green” certifications
♦  Gap Analysis
♦  Sustainable strategies
♦  Energy Simulations
♦  Energy efficiency
♦  Water efficiency
♦  Indoor Environmental Quality
♦  Design Innovation
♦  Registration of projects for LEED accredition
♦  Facilitating LEED accredition