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ISO 9001-2008
The first version of the ISO 9001 standard was introduced in the year 1987, has undergone a major transformation to its current version ISO 9001:2008 which through proficient implementation improvise the core business processes.
Client Requirements
   ♦   Commercial Registration of the Scope of the organisation with Local Municipal  Authorities to aid certification.
   ♦   Assign team / focal person to coordinate and communicate requirements throughout the  organisation as well as monitor performance

   ♦   Systematic process Approach
   ♦   Ease accesses and traceability to documents and records
   ♦   Process and performance monitoring for improvement
Our Approach

Client Reference

   ♦   HBK Contracting Co.
   ♦   Al Asmakh Facility Management
   ♦   Technital
   ♦   Manco Contracting Co.