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Internal Audits
Internal Audits are systematic methods used for analyzing business processes, procedures and activities in an organization highlighting its compliances to set processes and objectives. The Internal Audits also identifies the areas of weakness and suggests improvement opportunities.
Our Services
Our services in Internal Audits include :
♦   ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 17025:2005.
♦   OHSAS 18001:2007
Our Approach 


Internal Audits are planned well in advanced to identify the
♦   Scope
♦    Methodology
♦    Time
♦    Auditors
♦    Reporting
An efficient audit plan ensures that it covers all the requirements as required by the client.


All the internal audits are conducted by trained and competent auditors.All auditors of QDC are certified Lead Auditors and have conducted numerous audits in Doha - Qatar.

Internal Audits based on the requirements of the standard are done in accordance to the  guidelines of ISO 19011 with appropriate evaluation menthods.
 An audit report is prepared on  completion of each audit and comprises of

♦   Summary of the audit.

♦   Audit Findings  -  Positive and Negative Observations.

♦   Non-Conformances issued.

♦   Recommendations for next audit.

♦   Audit trail.

The audit report is provided in a approach which will help the organization to fulfill its requirements.