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Management Consultancy
QATAR DESIGN CONSORTIUM (QDC) believes in providing excellent Management System Services to support your Prime Business activities. In 2007, QDC extended its scope of work to include Management System Consultancy with a team of expertise with proven track record.
Our consultants experience in the Middle East help and understanding the regional needs of Clients, customizing them to achieve an effective organizational system.
QDC is proud of the successful project that has enabled numerous organizations, both large and small to achieve their requirements. Management consultancy division intends to support the prime business activities by developing innovative ways of performing and measuring its Processes.
Our Confidence is the result of our efficiency, expertise and ability to deliver customized services as required by the client. We ensure that our Customers are self sufficient in implementing the system processes over a short time by understanding their potential and focusing on improving them. Our Approach ensure that our customer are lead towards the path of continual Improvement.
Our synergy approach to system and expertise enable us to adapt organization.