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System Integration
An integrated management system that merges more than one standard in one complete frame work, enables an organization to work with a single element system with unified objectives.
Our Services

We provide integration management systems with:
♦   ISO 9001, 14001, 17025.
♦   OHSAS 18001.
Our Approach

We follow SIMS, where integration of system requirements are simplified to attain maximum efficiency with minimum efforts.
Our approach focuses on the organization aligned behind a single goal ‘Improving the performance of the Integrated system along within its business process.’
Plan :
The integration planning requires more effort to ensure a smooth transition which our experienced consultant ensures prior to implementation.

The planning of Integration includes but not limited to :

♦   System Requirement study.
♦   Process Capability study.
♦   Objective and Goal setting with Timelines
♦   System finalization and Implementation
♦   Training
♦   Compliance check
Integration Phase :
During the integration phase the consultant will ensure the system is improving as planned and no duplications or ambiguity requirements addressed. The consultants will ensure that all the personnel involved are adequately trained for acceptance the Integrated Management system in their procedures.
Compliance Check :
The integrated system will be audited by competent and independent auditor to check the adequacy, purpose and compliance of established system. Involving independent auditors will give value added service to the organization in terms of system performance.