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System Transition
  “System  transition” are initiated when updates to existing standards are published and transition is required for continued certification
Our Services

Transition of systems based on :
♦   ISO 9001
♦   ISO 14001
♦   ISO 17025
♦   OHSAS 18001
Our Approach

The transition planning requires a similar approach as system implementation.During transition, extra care is taken to ensure that the current flow of work is not disrupted and transition occurs in a smooth way. The planning of transition includes the provision of:

♦   Setting the objectives with effective time lines.
♦   System study (Gap Analysis)
♦   Transition Phase
♦   Training
♦   Audits.
Transition :
The “Transition Phase” is initiated as soon as the Gap Analysis is completed. During the transition phase the documents and processes are changed to ensure its adequacy and compliance to the standard. The consultants will ensure that all the process owners are well aware of the change and its effects on the system. The consultants will take extra steps to ensure that the “Change Process” is initiated as smoothly as possible with adequate trainings and consultation.
Compliance Check:
Once the “Transition Phase” is completed the transited system will be audited by trained and competent auditors to check the adequacy and compliance of the system.Efforts will be made to ensure that the trained internal auditors are also included during this process.