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Energy & Utilities
A.   In-house Capabilities (Services Level 1)
The Environmental Division is structured to provide extensive technical and management support with care and holistic approach to strengthen the understanding, intentions and requirements of every client. The presence of multi-disciplinary resources within the organization provides the required platform to extend technical expertise from its in-house capabilities, which includes: 
  •  Environmental Baseline Studies,
  •  Industrial and Infrastructural Projects – Scientific Evaluation at Site Selection Studies,
  •  Environmental Impact Assessments (for Proposed /Expansion/Existing Industrial & Infrastructure Projects) .
  •  Environmental Permitting Process Support ( Documentation / Monitoring / IPCS Designs). 
  •  Environmental Monitoring (Air Quality / Noise / Ground & Surface Water / Soil / Meteorology) .
  •  Stack Emissions Monitoring and Dispersion Modeling (AERMOD & CALPUFF) .
  •  Fugitive Emission Studies at Industrial Process and Tank Farm Facilities .
  •  Hazardous Waste Management Studies and Implementation Consultancy.
  •  Liquid Waste Treatment Plant Consultancy (Design, Construction Supervision, Commissioning, SOP documentation and Training) .
  •  Wastewater Treatment Plants Performance Evaluation Studies .
  •  Advising and Contractual supports at Operation and Maintenance of wwtps (Industrial Wastewater/Sewage Treatment Plant) .
  •  Environmental Auditing and Due Diligence .
  •  Environmental Training at Industrial and Infrastructure Construction sites, Compliance Monitoring and Third Party Auditing .
  •  Advising on Reverse Osmosis Plant Operations .
  •  Technical Support at Establishing and Optimizing Environmental Laboratory Facilities .
B.   Experts Associated Capabilities(Services Level 2) 
 Environment Division Extended Technical Support through established professional association with a choice of specialist and experts individuals / organizations includes studies at :
  • Water Quality and Vehicular Emission -Dispersion Modeling Studies,
  • Environmental and Process Risk Assessment (HAZAN/HAZOP Studies) .
  • Occupational Safety and Health Studies.
  • Oceanographic and Marine Biological Monitoring and Modeling Studies.
  • UKAS / ISO 17025 certified analytical procedures for chemical and biochemical testing of environmental samples .